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Shoulder Surgery-Yes or No

I’ve been lifting for over twenty years and my shoulders are screwed! I’ve been to ART and it resolved some of the pain but lately I’m always hurting. XRays have showed some degeneration and impingment problems. I’m contemplating surgery to “clean it out”. Has anyone had any shoulder type surgery and how did it effect your lifting. Also anyone had any experience with steroid or anitinflamation injections into the joint area. Thanks.

I did’nt have shoulder surgery, but i did have knee surgery to remove cartilage. If you are going in for arthro-scopic surgery recomend it. It is fairly un-obtrusive and the healing period is quite short. Its been a year and I am squatting 355. If this is the only option for you to get rid pain then go for it.

Where in your shoulder is the pain. In the AC joint where the collar bone connects or in the rear delt where most impingements occur. I have some degeneration in the AC joint and oral inflamatories helped. I had an impingement in the rear delt that bothered me for 2 years. Finally I went to a decent orthopedist and he gave me a cortisone shot in the impingement area to relax (and maybe shrink) the muscle a bit to get it out from betwee the bones where it was getting pinched. Absolutely no problems now. Try the shot first, then go with surgey if that doesn’t do the trick.