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Shoulder Surgery or Not?

After following Dave Tate’s progress, I’ve been wondering why it’s a better option for Dave to avoid surgery and just strengthen his shoulder when it’s so badly damaged? I’ve been under the impression that surgery shouldn’t be an option if you’ve only had minor damage (subluxations and minor separations) and possibly consider surgery if you’ve had a full blown dislocation and definitely if you’ve had several.

I know the following question is best asked to a good orthopedic surgeon that specializes in shoulders, but…what guidelines should a person use to decide whether or not to get surgery?

I was told by an M.D./a.r.t. practitioner after a pect and bicep tear that surgery should only be considered if there was serious damage that could not be rectified by any other means. A last resort type of thing. He also stated that the success and recovery rates for shoulder surgeries are prety damn low. Even the best surgeons in the world can’t do a whole hell of a lot.

A little soft tissue, strength, and mobility work later, and it was good to go.

Sometimes people do not choose to have surgery because it could lead to more problems and cost more money or the simple fact that they can do without it.

Ex. I know this woman who was attacked by a dog and the doctor who operated on her told her she was going to have to have an operation every 5 years or so.

It really comes down to wagering the pain over the time and cost for recovery.

That’s what comes to mind.

I am having surgery to reattach the cartilidge in my shoulder because it keeps dislocting it means I wont be able to play contact sport for 6 months. If any one has any advice on recovery or what I should be doing leading up to the op it would be very appreciated.

Each person is different, and depending on the level of activity, should decide whether to have surgery or not. I would suggest getting surgery, because if something inside you is torn or broken, it will only get worse, so you might as well have it repaired. That way, the injured body part is stronger than it was originally.

Surgery can also be very expensive, and same with physical therapy. I had ACL surgery 16 months ago, and it is still not fully healed. My knee hurts every morning when I get up, and hurts at least once a day. My ACL was torn for 2 years before I had surgery, and never had any pain while it was torn. But like I said, everyone is different. A physician should always be consulted in this matter.

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You might even PM Eric Cressey and see what he thinks.