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Shoulder Surgery Feedback Needed

Hey all, I have a question…

Found out last Nov I have a torn supra spinatus, torn bicep tendon and labrum in my right shoulder. I am a competitive powerlifter but at this point in my life, I’m not overly concerned with competing anymore. I don’t want the only reason to have the surgery be because I want to compete again.

I have found a lot of value in just pushing moderate weights in more of a bodybuilding style of training. I cannot overhead barbell press or flat bench press much but incline bench and flat chest flyes are no problem. I have full range of motion without pain and have plenty of strength to do most everything else.

I am also satisfied with getting the extra body weight off of me from 264 to current 238 and heading to sit in the 220-225 range for good. Carrying around in a bloated state was never fun obviously.

So I’m wondering if any of you have been in a similar situation with a similar surgery and regretted getting the surgery? Have you benefited from it?

Have any of you been in a similar situation and opted out of surgery and been just fine?

It hasn’t affected my job at all but I do notice I have to be careful about how much overhead pushing I do at work as a mechanic. Typically I have help if needed so it’s not a big deal.

Thanks for any feedback in experience you can give me. Just don’t wanna waste the time or money to get something done that’s unnecessary for my goals and life long term. I’ve talked with several lifters in my own lifting circle. I have mixed reviews and none of them are my situation.

Sorry to reply with a question but long term could any of these lead to greater joint wear and tear especially compounded with ageing?

Maybe when you’re older even if performance isn’t a big goal at all maybe being day to day functional and pain free as possible sounds good. Much easier to recover from a surgery when young and relatively fit and if it serves you well in later life might be worth considering now.

Have they indicated what kind of surgery they want to perform? There are certain surgeries that have pretty harsh restrictions post op.

I’m not really sure. I’ve been told as long as I don’t do anything to make it worse just continue doing as I am. It’ll never get better without surgery.


Two anchors into my shoulder to reattach the supra spinatus and remove the bicep from the labrum and reattach the bicep at another spot under the arm.

So, I just had my THIRD rotator cuff surgery in January. I can tell you that these tears do not heal themselves. You can continue your life without the surgery but as you reduce the use of the shoulder due to the pain, you muscles will atrophy and the body will compensate for the loss around the joint by filling it in with fat. My first MRI looked like a damn Christmas ham!!

I also have both biceps tendons ruptured and I wish I had them fixed when I could. Its too late now as they are fully retracted in my arm. I have big indentations where the tendons should be and its ugly and makes my arms smaller than should be.

My advice is: get the surgery by a good ortho surgeon, get an even better physical therapist that will push you to performance levels and do your fucking rehab.

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@studhammer Thanks for the info. That helps!

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