Shoulder Support in Javelin

i’m a female javelin thrower and i have recently had some problems with shoulder pain during and after throwing. it is mostly caused by the fact that when i throw sometimes i throw over my left shoulder (i am right handed, and thusly should throw over my right shoulder). this puts a lot of pressure on the joint.

i was wondering if there was anything i could do to help stabilize the joint. i was told that my two biggest problems are that i am quite flexible and that my scapula wing out. thanks!

This would best be a question for Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson… I’m not an expert by FAR, I’m just giving my opinion and hope some others will chime in.

Now immediately I would say that there is specific work that you can do strength that area. But what that stuff bottles down to is pretty much isolation work. Which may not be advisable at the time…

So in order to build up the supporting musculature…I think you should include a lot more pulling motions and exercises that stress your upper back.

Seated rows
chest supported rows
bent over rows
Face pulls
cuban press
muscle snatch

most of your pressing motions should be vertical as well… so overhead (military) pressing

If you’re really ball-sy, Overhead squats and one arm dumbbell overhead squats.

Also limit any chest specific work that you may be doing to a minimum. Bench press, flyes and stuff. I always found that these limited my range of motion as far as shoulder movements. You can do it but don’t let it be your biggest focus.

There are lots of articles about shoulder conditions on this website.

I’m betting the problem is because your internal rotators are overpowering the rest of your shoulder. If you do some external rotations, cuban presses, etc, you can strengthen up you external rotators to help balance up your RCs.

Posterior delt/trap work would also be of benefit to you. Rows, face pulls, cleans, etc.

Most peoples anterior delts and internal rotators are much more developed than the posterior and external rotators, so some extra work on the lagging areas will definitely help.