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Shoulder Subluxation


Alright so I can't use my upper body at all and I am frustrated by it. I need to do some strength focus on my lower body anyways so that will be my bright side. I am focusing on HIIT, core and lower body for the next 3-6 weeks (I have been down and out for 3 already).

I am bored in the gym and looking for some workout ideas that don't involve any machines or cables (don't have any). 3x a week weights and 2x HIIT is the current schedule...any ideas?


What is your problem? I know the title of the thread states "shoulder subluxation", but why is it subluxing? Capsular laxity? Labral deformity? Was there a specific injury? Have you been properly evaluated?

Also, what is being done regarding the shoulder subluxation? Did you have any medical intervention (surgery, immobilization, etc)? I think that correcting the problem and reason for the subluxation should be your primary focus now. Also, I am assuming it is just one shoulder that is injured, so you have full range to do exercise with the uninjured shoulder.

Until we have a full understanding of your limitations regarding your shoulder, the best advice can't be given.


I took a fall and partially dislocated my shoulder. I have a physio appt. next friday. I am looking for lower body workout ideas as I cannot use my upper body at this point. I will incorporate what my physiotherapist gives for upper body but I want some variety and intensity for a lower body workout that will be effective and keep my heart rate up.


So is your ROM limited due to pain? Limited due to the shoulder continuing to sublux? Can you actively do anything with your arm or is it stuck in the sling? Are you able to support any weight on that arm?


My range of motion is limited by pain and I am not able to lift any weight with it at the moment. I have put together some ideas on my own but was just looking for some fun out of the box ideas that you tend to find on T-Nation. I am not concerned with the injury as my doctor and physiotherapist are taking care of that.