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Shoulder Subluxation & Roids

I had a slap repair and a bicep tenodesis 15 months ago. I’ve been able to gain almost 100% of my strength back as far as lifting goes. However, pumping my arms and throwing a baseball results in subluxation of my shoulder. I used to throw a baseball almost in the mid 80s. Now I am having difficulty throwing in the 50s, with much pain. The doctors have basically told me to give it up. Obviously, I am not ready to do that…

I am wondering what kind of steroid should I use these next 6 months. I am 5’6 and 140 pounds. My pr is 420 for deadlift, 385 for squat, and 190 for bench. My approach is to forget everything about baseball these next 6 months and just focus on being a freak lifter and athlete in the weight room, with the hopes that my shoulder will restabilize itself enough to the point that I can get back into competitive baseball again. I will also be receiving help 3x a week from a manual therapist who will apply ART and deep tissue work.

What steroid do you recommend, how much and how often?

Thank you for your time…

PS: If I could do it all over again, I would’ve never listened to my doctor and refuse surgery

Hgh, tb500, BC 157, are your best options from a healing perspective

I’ve heard a lot of bad about hgh

And I don’t think any type of “healing” drug is going to help stabilize a subluxing joint. Need to focus on building stuff to stabilize the joint.

Bump* I need you guys

What bad about gh???

gh won’t stabilize the joint

Neither will any other drug dude, if your shoulder is so fucked that it slides out of place than you need surgery for the labrum tear, drugs can’t fix that

The labrum isn’t torn. Growth hormone, like I said earlier, will not stabilize it.

If your shoulder dislocates there isn’t a situation where the labrum isn’t torn

You’re not getting it man. I’ve had mris showing my labrum to be in tact. 4 of them in the last year. The last one two weeks ago.

Dislocations and subluxation are two different things.

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Anybody got anything?

ok so all you care about right now is freak beast in gym and hope that your shoulder gets strong enough to stabilize it?

I doubt benching is ideal? Dum Military Press has saved my shoulder by building strength…but talk to a PT about that stuff.

ok the drugs. First cycle? Test only 200-250mg every 4th-5th or 6th day.

I also blame test for fixing my shoulder because before I ran the cycle I couldnt bench and after I could.

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I was told the only thing the doctor could do was surgery, I met a chiropractor who told me he was right “the only thing the doctor can do for your shoulder is surgery” so I started training to build support and strength. This was 21 years ago, I never had the surgery and am fine now. Build a good base and exercises like face pulls and wide grip Upright rows in a rack where you pull against the beams work great. Keep any cycle mild so you don’t gain strength too fast and hurt yourself. One time on cycle, after a long lay off, I hit things up too quickly and hurt myself on weighted dips and set myself back, not being able to do them for almost a year.
Build your strength and support, keep your cycle light, and pay attention to your body and joint/ arm movements while training.

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Theoretically speaking, would gh and just doing pt for a while serve me better in the long run?

Completely disagree with these. Because this site is the only one you can post but there are endless articles against Upright Rowing…

IMO price to reward is not even kind of worth it for GH and in my experience good ole test fixed my shoulders. #BROSCIENCE All I know is before my first cycle I couldnt bench over hand even with 3 board press ROM but now I can pain free and frequently with pause and all that. I assume it was a combination of my shoulder muscles strengthening and some old cartilage junk repairing somehow.

Standard Upright rows are horrible for most, you obviously didn’t comprehend my description so I’d avoid them if I was you.

…and my description must not be good, hard to describe I guess. I found its great for me and many clients, I guess I’d describe it by imagining a smith machine, lean back slightly and as you pull back (lean back more as you pull) the bar raises up and the musles pull back and up without internal rotation at the shoulder which is what’s so bad about Upright Rows. you “upright” Row in external rotated

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