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Shoulder Sublux, Apprehension When Pulling Scapula Down/Back

First post here, hope this is right.

I have experienced a subluxation my shoulder twice now, once in the summer, once on Saturday. Only problem is, my shoulder is perfectly fine in almost everything. OHP, squat, deadlift, pullup, muscleup, etc. None of those hurt my shoulder.

The only thing that does (and which is what made is sublux) is doing skin the cat or front lever work (on rings/bar). Or even hanging leg raises. In movements where I have to move by body around the shoulder with a straight arm, my left shoulder feels incredible strain, and then occasionally pops in and out. If I rotate the body with bent arms I’m fine. Also, it’s only in the front plane. Anything rotation of my arm from straight up to behind my body is fine. It’s only a weighted contraction in front that does this.

Finally, I think this may root in this issue. If I raise both my arms up, and try to pull my scapula back and down (like the very first part of a pullup) then my left when crackles and doesn’t feel as … snug as my right shoulder.

I’ve tried some rehab for it, but I just don’t know what to hit because I’m not sure what needs strengthening. I’ve added rotator cuff work regardless.

Thoughts? Seeing a doc Monday.

I had a bad subluxation in my left shoulder 2009.
tons of db ext rotations and upper back work rhomboids scaps.

Cuban presses, “db cleans” scap retractions, face pulls, band pullaparts and the ext rotations do the trick good luck!