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Shoulder Stretch Marks

Anyone have knowledge on preventing stretch marks which originate just inside the armpit and migrate up the front of the shoulder/chest and shoulder/bicep sides of the joint?

Any treatments for stretch marks which already exist?

I have had some marks since high school but they have been growing and lately are beginning to be noticeable (only by myself right now) even when the arm is hanging my my side. Es no bueno.

I have never used gear (if it matters) nor has my bicep ever given birth…although it is looking mighty pregnant. wink wink

I too have stretch marks, mine are on my left shoulder.

My suggestion is to do what I do. Where them as a badge of honor!

I have this stick that pregnant women use :slight_smile: it’s basically cocoa butter cream it has vitamin E in it and even though it doesnt remove the stretch marks but it stops them from looking red and keeps your skin elastic to reduce it from happening again.

Yes. Vitamin E cream is the way to go. Need to be vigilant in rubbing it in every day.

shorty: where do you get that stick you mentioned. It sounds like it could help my stretchmarks. Thanks!

Glad to hear that those sticks seem to work. If you are looking for a store that sells them, check out Ulta. It carries mostly womens stuff but it does have mens cologne etc.

Luckily, I am a vigilante so viligance comes naturally.

Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a shot…or a rub as it were.

Aren’t they a badge of honour?
Why get rid of them?
They do fade by the way. Mine used to look like purple crayon marks now they tan up and a barely noticable, well untill next bulking cycle… hehehe

Well over here in the UK I got it from ‘Bodyshop’ but I think you can use any Vitamin E type cream or cocoa butter cream if u dont mind smelling like chocolate :smiley:

sheeit… my hams are covered with them… i had a 2 year period where they kinda exploded. I started deadlifts and stiff-legs. That was why. Now i have them even on my biceps as well as my pec/shoulder area.

I think it is just the fun of knowing you are growing maybe?