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Shoulder strengthening for the MB's Dad Att. Charles Staley

Heya T-friends, this question goes particularly to Charles Staley, whose seminar in NJ I really want to get to. Charles, my father has psoriatiac arthritis and has been on medication that is much improving his condition. He is an avid tennis player but has been off for some time due to his condition. He would like to strengthen his shoulders before returning to the indoor courts this winter. Any suggestions you can make as far as a workout plan? He can’t go very heavy on the poundage but I assured him that it wouldn’t be an issue. Thanks a bunch.

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Hey Eric,

Not familiar with the term “psoriatric.”— would this be a category of osteo- or rheumatoid- arthritis?

Also, his age and any other relavent orthopedic concerns?

As a general rule of thumb, increase pain-free-ROM first, then work on strength. If you know he's not hypertensive, you might try isometric contractions at various angles— puts tension through the muscle without grinding up the joint. If he's basically untrained, no need for paticularly hard efforts of course.

Hope to see you in NJ!

It’s similar to rheumetory, yes. He’s 49, otherwise in excellent shape. No hypertension issues, either. Thanks Charles.