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Shoulder Strength For Other Lifts


How important is increasing your Overhead Press for bench strength? My chest and arms are lacking. Id like to bring them up. Right now I do shoulders/tris, so I was thinking of doing chest/shoulders and then having an arm day (to build up tris better). Although My shoulder press is increasing weekly right now, and I know if I stuck it after chest it may not increase weekly, aswell as the poundage being down. Im just worried if I do this my benchpress might plateau as I would imagine increasing shoulder strength is a good way to get stronger at bench. Basically my shoulders are my biggest muscle so I can sacrifice them not getting bigger for a while. But I wouldnt want the lack of shoulder stimulation/poundage to negatively affect other bodyparts. Thoughts?


How many times per week are you working chest/shoulders together?


What is your main goal?
Bigger chest?
Bigger triceps?
Increasing your bench press?

You mention all of the above, increasing bench press is one way of getting a bigger chest not the exclusive solution. Don't chase too many goals at once.


Once a week. The split would be.


Im just wondering if I wasnt making weekly progressions on OHP, if my other lifts like Incline bench and flat bench would still go up.


My goal is basically strength for me strength=size. So I would like to increase my benchpress, and also bigger arms.


Won't know unless you try. It's a very individual thing. I've seen Wendler say before that he couldn't strict press 135 when he bench pressed 405 for the first time. On the other hand, there are some monsters like Vincent Dizenzo who have pushed both to the limit. I think it's a bad thing to have any weaknesses, give it a shot.


Just follow 531 for your bench press then.


No way in hell that's true.


What? I feel like all of those can be attained at the same time and they should all be goals. Unless you are already stupid huge and you are trying to bring out something out of proportion.