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Shoulder Stiffness

Hello sir I have been training for 2 and a half year but somehow i am still a beginner my parents don’t allow me to go to the gym i had learnt every thing from internet and myself i used to suck at every exercise i trained mostly with dumbbells and body weight. I did a lot push ups dips and kipping pull ups when I tried to perform dead hang strict pull ups i got my shoulder stiffness although it is not painful but i got a stiff shoulder which always gives sound when i wake up try punching or sometimes with a slight movement i can do pull ups but i have to kip in order to avoid few inches from range of motion i diagnosed my shoulder the doctor said it is perfect and i should not worry about it even the x ray was perfect i am only 18 years old i decided to quit training it has been 3 weeks since i did not try to play any sports and i did not workout but it still gives stiff sounds can somebody help me in this regard