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Shoulder Stiffness

The other day at the start of my chest workout doing incline bench when I was pyramiding up to my thhird set I stopped mid set to check the weight cus i thought I might have accidentally put another 45 instead of 35 cus it felt heavier one side, so then I just moved on to flat bench dumbbell press and just my warm up weight was even hard to get up on my left side and isn’t even really painful it’s just feels like at about the midway point pressing that it’s like it gets stuck like my shoulders so stiff it can’t move.

So I took 10 days off lifting and yesterday did a light low volume back and shoulders work out and I just went real light on some dumbbell shoulder press and everything was okay but I could feel it getting a bit stiffer. So any idea what’s going on? Any solutions? And I also have a minor case of skoaliosis which makes my shoulders slightly uneven height idk if that could be a reason.