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Shoulder Stablility

I have been struggling to increase my bench for the past two years. I have moved it up maybe 25lbs then have taken a 30 lb lost and then back up to the orginal. I have had this yo yo affect and havent really been able to put my finger on the problem.

The major bein lack of spotter but also i have notice now that my shoulder stablility sucks. That i think in the draw back. So i would like to know what i can do to increase my shoulder stablitiy and strength. I have added push press, over head press(bar and db) plus incline press to my routine. What other exerises do you recomended?

thanks in advance.
here is an example of my routine:
Bench warm up, 1tune up set X3,
Optional lifts pick 1
? 3x3, 1x2, 1x failure
? Box press same sequence
? Lock out is same sequence
? Floor press same sequence
Lat exercises pick 1
? Pull downs 15,10,8,6
? Modified skull crushers 10,8,4
? Low/leverage rows
? Pull ups 10,8,4
Exercises pick 1
? Modified dumbbell press 10,8,6 weight increasing
? Dumbbell raises 10,8,6
? Dumbbell shoulder press 10,8,6
? Plate raises don?t go pass forehead 15,12,10
Tri?s pick 1 of 3
? Skull crushers reps vary
? Triceps kick backs 5x10 10sec. Between sets
? Triceps extensions 15,12,10
ABS plate sit-ups sets 3 reps vary

why not isolate and strengthen your rotator cuff? I isolated this 3x a week by doing all kinds of various exercises and my strength went up not only on bench but also on standing military press as well. Rotator cuff is one of the most underrated muscle groups til you hurt it or work it out. just do a search on here or on google for some exercises and goto it man. best of luck!

Great advice abvove and Ill add LOTS of heavy DB work OH DB work, flat etc. This will really builid the shoulder. OH carries even get that DB OH and walk youll feel that shoulder get more and more taxed try and really keep it steady. things like that where you have to control a load with each arm will do wonders


I’ve found single sided exercises with less weight to be effective in building stabilizers. Once you work these in for a while your lifts will increase. Try alternating one arm DB bench.

Another great thing to work on your lockout and triceps is overhead rack press and bench rack press. Start with the barbell at the hairline on the power rack with a seated bench.