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Shoulder Sprain - Suggestions?


I sprained my left shoulder nearly two months ago playing rugby, someone fell on it in a ruck in literally the last minute of a game. Hurt for a few days, couldn't sleep on that side, then gradually started to get better. I've sprained a rotator cuff and separated a shoulder in the past, and this wasn't as bad as either. Unfortunately, reinjured it in our last game of the season, almost three weeks ago.

I want this to heal up because I'm really eager to try powerlifting training for the first time, but after a couple weeks off from any chest or shoulders work (dips and dumbbell pressing included), I did a couple sets of pushups in the gym last night and found that it's still pretty stiff/weak. I have full or virtually full ROM, and there's no pain, just tightness and stiffness, but I doubt I'm in a condition to bench near-max loads yet, or maybe even to bench at all. It's frustrating, because I have to do a pretty pansy gym workout, mostly machines, and none of the effective pushing movements.

So what should I be doing to speed this healing up? I ice it for twenty minutes once or twice a day, take glucosamine and fish oil, which I've been doing for a while, and do some brief stretching on off days like I do for the rest of my body now. ART is unfortunately not an option because I'm out of the US. Anything I'm missing?


I've been dealing with a problematic shoulder for about 15 months now. Mine wasn't sprained, I had impingment syndrome, but I think anything aimed for improving/maintaining general shoulder health is the place to start. I did a ton of rotator cuff exercises (external rotation, 90 degree abducted external rotation, etc.), stretches for the lats, traps, and pecs, pendulum exercises with a dumbbell, and a shoulder capsule stretch I found on another site

I'd also check out an article on here by Cosgrove and Cressy: 8 Weeks to Monster Shoulders. I'm doing the first workout currently.

Plus I'd continue with ice and maybe try some ibuprofen for inflamation. All of this really helped me and my shoulder. Shoulders are really tricky (in my case) and try not to be in too big of a hurry to get back to your regular training if it still bothers you. You'll be much better off in the long run if you take it slow and make sure you get your shoulder healthy, even if it takes a while.


Sorry, here's a pic of that shoulder capsule stretch.


Thanks for that and the stretch, will try it tonight.