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Shoulder Specialization

Hello everyone. My shoulders are lagging alot while the rest is making really good progress (especially back) so im looking to play catch up with delts. How would I go about that? I can train 4 or 5 days a week and also need 2 back days as it doesn’t make decent progress with only 1. My workouts I try and make like John Meadows style training. Also I don’t train legs as for some reason they seem to always keep on alot of muscle and they always need to be fresh for my job. Thanks guys!

if your back is making really good progress then it wouldn’t hurt to drop it down to one back workout a week and do an extra day for shoulders for a while

It’s almost like your years of over-focusing on the mid-back and traps weren’t the right idea. Who’d’ve thought?

A current pic would be extremely useful.

If I had a nickel for every time somebody on the forum “didn’t need to train legs” for whatever reason, I’d have many, many, many nickels.

Well actually I haven’t been over focusing on my mid back and traps for years, I haven’t prioritised that area for atleast 2 years. My back workouts have been well balanced for a long long time. And i’ve only been skipping proper leg workouts for about a year. And for some reason I don’t lose muscle on my legs. Although I don’t dedicate a whole session to legs I do start one of my back days with Box jumps as well as a little bit of hamstring work, but nothing major.

Well actually, I’m referring to all of 2012 and 2013 when you posted here and were hyper-focused the entire time with multiple threads about building a back and traps like Tom Hardy.

If you’ve been training smarter recently, cool. But there’s still a solid chance you’re still playing catch-up because you tried to specialize too soon on bodyparts that were better left un-specialized.

You have about five total posts here since 2014, including the two in this thread, so the only lasting impression you gave us is a dude who basically wants to look like some celebrity and will ignore basic training principles to get there.

What is your exact current routine - the days, exercises, sets, and reps? And your current height, weight, and general fat level?

What are your current best lifts in the 8-12 rep range for the overhead press, flat bench, chin-up/pulldown, and row?

I dont ignore basic training principals. I used to focus on getting that body yes but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Since then i’ve done basic workouts and these days I follow John Meadows style workouts. This is my current template:
Day 1: Back+Bi’s
Day 2: Chest+Shoulders
Day 3: Back
Day 4: Shoulders+Tri’s

I also always do 1 ab exercise at the end of each workout for about 5 sets. As for the workouts I use alot of Mark Dugdales workouts as his coach is John Meadows. I also change every workout every week so its never the same. My height is 5’10, weight 200lbs, not sure on my fat percentage. But if I had to describe it i’d say a little chub but more stocky. So not quite abs but not ages off. Stand OHP for 8 reps - 70kg. Flat Bench for 8 - 90kg (although I dont usually perform the flat barbell bench press). Pulldowns for 8 - 77kg. Chest Supported Rows for 8 - 70kg (this is with perfect technique and full stretch and a 1 second paused contraction which is why its not much weight).

This just got intetesting.

Good luck with all upper body days.

And John Meadows trains legs…

For the legs thing, just pick a moderate weight for a back squat and go by the lower end of prilepin’s table. Take it easy and slow to to start and just keep adding more training volume in one way or another. You’ll build the work capacity to train your legs in the gym and still be effective on the job. At least, that’s how it worked when I did a landskaping job.

I’m well aware he trains legs but he is a pro bodybuilder, I am not… It’s alot different. I could understand this point of view if my upper body was huge and I had stick legs but this isn’t the case

Thanks for your reply. I’ll definitely give this a go instead of blasting in a leg session

Then, you are not going a John Meadows style anything.

First thing you need to do is start being honest to yourself. You are doing what you want. Nothing wrong with that, but, according to your lifts, you do not need specialized anything.

You need a proven program, balanced and written by a reputable coach. 3 days full body or push/pull 4 times a week. Waterbury, CT, Chris C, etc

You should also read everything you can by Dan John.

You then use said proven and balanced program for two years. Consistency is key.

Chris C asked you some specific question which you seem to have ignored. I’ll cut right to the chase. You do not need a special shoulder program.

Fitting from skinny to super skinny jeans is not a goal on this site.

Fair enough will everything you said. I take all of that onboard. But as to your final statement I will say this just one more time. For some reason my legs have retained a decent amount of muscle. You would think I have a hard leg day every week. I dont know why. My uncle has the same type legs and he hasn’t been to the gym in years. I could never fit my legs in skinny jeans either. So the fact that I don’t have a leg day every week doesn’t mean I have tiny non muscular legs.

Dude, if you have a freaky body part it will likely explode (size wise) when you train it. Why you would choose to ignore this is beyond me. Quads are the new abs afterall.

For what it’s worth, my brother used to not train his legs because they were muscular enough and got enough training from running. Finally, in the span of 4 months he blew out his back and then both legs.

You dont have to put 60 sets into them, just train them enough to slowly progress and keep you from snapping your shit up.