Shoulder Spasms... Whats Up?


umm quick (hopefully) question, Im sitting at work, and my left shoulder is spasming a lot, it isnt painful, well to be honest you can hardly feel it but obv you know it’s happening and you can see it if you look. but there is no pain or anyting, I have been benching heavy + shoulder pressing recently so the only idea I have is that it could be a sign of overtraining?! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks…

Very odd- no idea why, but my left was doing the same thing a few weeks ago. It went on for a couple hours, on and off.
I was on Superdrol at the time and was wondering if there was a connection.

i’m not sure what these spasms are but i’ve had them in my shoulders / butt cheeks / tris. its werid when you can feel it and then look to see you muscle pulsing up and down rather rapidly.

maybe your muscles are trying to tell you something. like work me…work me.although the though of your ass cheeks randomly spasming sounds pretty strange, if you ask me.

I’ve had similar spasm on my triceps, pecs and whatever-the-muscles-on-the-outside-of-the -forearms-are-called.

Doesn’t matter if I’ve been been lifting weights recently or not lifted anything in months. They just come and go.

I get the spasms in the left shoulder too. It happened mostly when I was in school, and usually the next day after a rough night on the town. Made me wonder if dehydration had anything to do with it.

hmm so basically no one has any idea and are jus guessing as to what it could be lol :frowning:

My guess was overtraining, but the other person who posted and said it just happens regardless of when / how much they train.

so erm… no idea lol! :expressionless: