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Shoulder Soreness


hi all. first post on this excellent forum so please bear with me. about 12 months ago when doing weighted dips with a 24kg dumbell i let my form slip and dropped too low on the eccentric phase and as i pushed back up something "pinged" in my left shoulder. since then i have always had to train with some pain around my front delt especially when doing heavy presses. needless to say i haven't done weighted dips since which is a shame as i think it is such a good excercise.

at one point after a two week holiday and two massage sessions i thought it was better but it soon came back when i got back into my training again. i also surf as well which uses a lot of shoulder work when paddling out.
as anyone else had a similar experience and have any advice to offer.
cheers ali.


Just a thought for what has worked for me. I am 43 and after a long layoff began lifting again about 2 and a half years ago. For about a year I was following traditional volume routines and battling soreness in my shoulders. Recently( 3 months ago), I began training using a HIT routine training the entire body every 3rd day. The results have been tremendous for me.

Extreme strength gains, no muscle soreness or joint soreness, gains in muscle size and I've lost 2 inches around my waist. Maybe HIT (high intensity training) will work for you. It's the only way I plan to train in the future. At 43, the gains and advantages have been remarkable.


I had shoulder pain from benching heavy and this is what I did. I'm no expert but it helped a lot.

1) Dropped barbell benches for dumbbell bench. Better ROM and I think takes the front delt a bit out of the exercise.

2) Added more middle and rear delt exercises, to fix an imbalance between them and the front delt, which was getting too much work.

3) Took 2 weeks completely off except for rotator cuff exercises 3 times per week.

4) During the first week of those 2, took 4 ibuprofen 3 times per day. Higher than recommended dose and I'm not a doctor, so take with a grain of salt.

5) Upped my fish oil intake to help with the shoulder and knee pains.

I've been doing 1 and 2 for a month following the 2 off weeks and just started back on barbell bench with no pain. I don't know that any of the above was responsible, but it was based on research I did on this same subject when I blew out my shoulder.




Not sure if it would help you but it helped me get past some serious pain....


thanks mate. i think i'll swap my chest workout for the rotator cuff workout for the next month and try the ibuprophen and fish oil for a few days.


thanks for the link mate, i will give it a try.