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Heya T-freaks. We recently had a great thread concerning back workouts. I learned some cool quality stuff, and I think you did as well. Yes you did. You did. Don’t argue with me, kiddo! Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone was into blasting the shoulders and had a (few) killer routine(s) for creating those asskicking grooves of striated muscle in the shoulder region. I just had an excrutiating shoulder day and this is what it looked like on paper (In reality it produced a bountiful soreness): 4x10 Barbell Shrugs, 3X4-7 incline reverse (chest facing the bench) dumbell shrugs (these KILL), 3x10 Arnold Press, 2x4-6 lateral raises, and a finishing set of overhead barbell shrugs to failure (I did 100 lbs. for 11 reps). As freakin’ always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated…unless it sucks. Lata.

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A1.hang clean and press 5 X 5
B1.upright rows 2 X10-10-10 (strip sets)
C1.cable laterals 2X 12-15 (superset with C2)
C2.Behind the neck barbell press done on a 6-1-3 tempo 2X 8-10 (supersetted with the cable laterals)
D1. shoulder blast set-1 set (take a light pair of dumbells and do 10 front dumbell raises, 10 dumbell shoulder presses, 10 side laterals, 10 L laterals and 10 bent over laterals)
Cry, curse, and enjoy :slight_smile:

1.Upright Rows(wide grip) 5x5. 2. Wide Grip Behind The Neck Press 3x10. Lying One Arm Laterals 3x10, followed by Scott Presses 3x8, then Neider Presses 3x(AMRAP). Enjoy.
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A1 hang cleans 5x5
B1-B3: supersets
dumbbell shrugs 3x6-8
barbell shrugs 3x8-10
upright rows 3x12-15
C1 handstand pushups 5xAMAP
D1-D3: superset
laterals 1x8-10
arnold press 1x6-8
military press 1x4-6
The handstand pushups are easily the best delt builders I have ever used and the only reason don’t have them first in the workout is b/c I’m trying to focus on my traps so I do cleans and shrugs first. Thanks for the tips guys.

I usually go shoulder press 4 sets, arnold press 4 sets supersetted with side laterals, and 3 sets of foreward laterals

The best way to get striated delts is to get your diet in order. You won’t have striated anything if you’re a fatass.

try full range handstand pushups, reverse pushups with resistance, dips, snatches, and power cleans.

Mike, uh, hmmm, how do I ask…WHat the hell are reverse push-up? Thanks, bro. You’re like our alternative movement excercise guru. How’s the article coming? When do we see it when do we see it!!!

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Outlaw, how exactly are lying lateral raises performed? For you other T-freaks, thanks, theres some great stuff up here. Has anyone else read about upright rows being dangerous for the rotator cuff due to the simeltaneous abduction and internal shoulder rotation? thoughts anyone? Lata.

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on the topic of sholders i was wondering what exercises will develop the rear sholders?

i like to start w/ behind neck press on the smith machine, then incline bench rear delt raises, then arnolds, and side cable raises w/ cable behind you

Lying Single Arm Laterals: Lay on your side on a flat bench and perform lateral raise as you normally would only using just one arm, hurts like hell, enjoy. outlaw.