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Shoulder Separation

So…About five weeks ago I separated my shoulder (grade 1, probably even on the low end of that) So of course I continued to lift hard and heavy on it for a month before the pain progressed to a level that made working out too uncomfortable. Anyway, I saw a chiro to confirm my self diagnosis (which he did) and he told me it was fine to continue lifting but to just take it easy and stay light.

So anyway I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that might help speed my recovery? My chiro said to lay off the rotator strengthening exercises for now because they’ve been working overtime since the original injury trying to make up for the reduced stability from the acromialclavicular ligament injury.


So you’re cleared for lifting, just not anything strenuous? That sounds strange, coming from a doctor… even a chiropractor.

I’d probably work the shoulders isometrically with planks and lockouts. Some lower trap work would probably be useful too.

yeah, he actually said it’d be good to focus on the eccentric portion of the lifts as well. I dunno. I’ve been taking it easy and focusing on my diet. I took a week off and a lot of the soreness had subsided but I went in on sunday and it was quite sore for several days following even though I took it easy…kinda (hard for me to really lay off of it but I did the exercises from cracking the rotator cuff conundrum, then I did some deads at 315 and some cleans at 225). Motions that tend to cause pain are horizontal presses, dips, chins, and squats (both front and back) while overhead pressing, incline pressing, and horizontal rowing motions are essentially pain free.

Eric Cressey would know.

Other than that, I’m unsure of what to tell you.

Good luck.

Cressy rocks, I’ve even adopted his pre-deadlift superman haha…damn now I’m depressed cuz I’m thinking about wanting to do deads.