Shoulder Scarring

Over the past 4 months these strange “gouge like” scars have been growing between my chest and shoulder. I think they are stretch marks but have never seen or heard of ones in such a place. I really don’t like them and am looking to find a way around making them worse (not that thats likely).

I’m just wondering if anyone can confirm they are stretch marks, or if anyone has had similar issues. The picture doesn’t do justice. Theyre worse than they look


Just looks like stretch marks to me. Sometimes when they first appear they are darker in color then lighten up over time. I don’t know there is much you can do about them.

Its just a stretch mark. If you have gotten it because you are getting bigger and stronger, then take pride in it, and laugh a hearty laugh at normal people who see the marks and scoff.

Mate, I’ve got them in the same place, they’re just stretch marks, they lighten up a lot over time, but then it’s just time to make some more, shows you’ve been putting in the hard work !!

I’ve heard of people having success with using Bio-Oil to get rid of stretch marks but haven’t tried this myself as I’m quite proud of mine haha.

Best of luck with whatever you try to do, whether it’s get rid of them or create more !!

Thanks, I just wanted to know I’m not the only one with them. They seemed odd.

Cocoa-butter according to women who have had kids.
Dunno why you’d want to get rid of them though, I love mine!

Have plenty at the same spot (and on thighs, lats, traps, tris). Going from 160 to 225 in less than 2 yrs will do that to you :). They were really bright and nasty - have started using cocoa butter lately (or any generic anti-stretch mark thing you can pick up from CVS) and they have faded a little bit but are still there. Small price to pay if you ask me :slight_smile: