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Shoulder-Safe Leg Training?

39 year old guy who has been lifting since I was 16. I would like to squat again someday as I am off due to a labrum tear and surgery. I see a squat being contraindicated for my shoulders to be externally rotated while working with weight.

What are alternatives? I know Dave Draper has a top squat bar attachment that is a bit out of my price range. The prospect of getting a welder to make me a top squat attachemnt is possible. I may have to go with single leg training which I am not crazy about. Any thought or experiences with shoulder injuries and squat work are appreciated. Thanks so much.

zercher squats or front squats maybe? Hack squats with the barbell?

leg presses and leg extensions and leg curls, one leg squats step ups

Safety squat bar would probably be the best thing.

Camber squat bar might work.

You can also put wrist straps on a regular bar and hold the ends over your shoulders. It kinda makes it like a safety squat bar, but without the weight offset.

Let me try again.

An Ironmind Squat Hip Belt would work. http://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Main/homesweathome4.html A lot of people with spine issues like them too. You won’t be working your spinal erectors though, so I would suggest some supplementary back work like glute/ham raises, etc.