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shoulder routine

Just asking a quick question here. I plan to do a 12 week work out (just squats, deadlift, and bench 3 times a day). Just wondering what people think if I threw in once a week a quick shoulder workout. Nothing demanding, (high rep, low weight). What im looking to do is to not get bigger or stronger with it but more make sure nothing happens to the shoulders. I saw what it did to my friend and all he had was a muscle imbalance and he was out for a while. I just plan to do 2 sets of 12 reps reach (low weight)of Upright Row, Side Lateral Raise, Front Plate Raise, and Arnold Press. I think that should target all sides of the shoulder. If anyone has any opinions or suggestions please let me know. Id greatly appreciate it.

first off, i hope you meant three times per week. secondly, to me that routine makes no sense. you are only going to perform 3 exercises for your entire body but your going to do 4 just for your shoulders? if your concerned about a muscle imbalance in your shoulders you might want to mix in some horizontal rowing exercises to offset the effect from the bench presses.

I think it’s a decent idea, but you might want to worry about the chest antagonists as well. Or you’re looking at muscle imbalances.

I think that the high-rep shoulder work is an excellent idea! It will keep things lubed up nicely, BUT I think that you should find a total of 12 different exercises for shoulders and do four each week (alternating every week). Don’t forget the rotator cuff. Also, I would suggest working a bit higher than the 12 rep range, so that you don’t have to worry about recovery. Doing shoulders twice a week is a good idea though. You would want to do the same for abs too.

Focus on the often-neglected rear delts, as opposed to the other two heads that you are wanting to train, as well as your rotators. The front and side get plenty of work from benching and squatting (yes, squatting). Try some form of low cable face-pulls or bent-over rear delt raises, in addition to light rotator exercises for the supraspinatus, teres major and teres minor. Cuban press is a good place to start, but there are many more using a low cable pulley or stretch bands. In addition, a seated shrug/external rotation seems to do the trick quite well for training both of these muscle groups (rear delts and external rotators). Give it a try and if it does not work for you, then move on to something else(but I do think you will be pleased). If you have any questions just ask.

I want to thank all you guys for info. Im now looking to expanded my shoulder routine a bit (2 light workouts a week). Once I found out what Supraspinatus was, Im def. now looking into working that also. Im looking to make sure my shoulders get stable and no little injury pops up in the future. El_Machinae I plan to do ab work at least twice a week also but I plan to include them with my GGP workouts. Thanks again for all the input, I plan to form a solid 12 week program this year and bring my training this new year to a new level. Have a happy new years!!!

Hello again I do have one question! What exercises are there for the rotator cuff? I checked the website www.exrx.net/Lists/ ExList/ShouldWt.html.Im not sure what to look at to hit the rotator cuff. Any help would be great again. Thank you