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Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Strain During Pressing

So I’m 18 and I’ve been training for the last 2 years. Just in the last month during my chest presses, I have been getting A LOT of strain in my rotator cuff/ front of the shoulder. I do rotator cuff exercises before every chest day, using a 7.5lb dumbell, and doing cables with 20pounds.

Anyways, when I do any chest press, with dumbell or barbell, I get a strain/ pain in my right shoulder. It doesn’t stop me from pressing, but it hurts enough for me to want to stop. I know if I keep on going ignoring it I will end up damaging it very badly.

This pain doesn’t come from any shoulder movements though, like overhead bbpress.

What can I do to reduce this strain/ pain. I need to reduce this because its going to really prevent my progress in the gym during my pressing days.