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Shoulder Rehab

My fiance had a non invasive shoulder surgery last week and they cut a centimeter off his collar bone. I know it sounds horrible but he stopped needing his pain meds a couple days ago and has full range of motion in his arm. Two days ago the doctor gave him permission to go back to lifting as long as he stopped when it hurt.
What would be a good plan for him to follow so that he doesnt lose all the muscle and strength that he’s worked so hard for, but at the same time doesn’t hurt his shoulder more. When we went to the gym yesturday he ended up bench pressing only the bar because it hurt too much to do more weight. I know normally he can do a few times that weight.
He hates not being able to lift like he usually would, and gets pretty down about it. I really want to help him but I don’t know what more to say than just take it slow and work back up to it. Does anyone have more/different advice?

PM or post on Mike Robertsons locker room thread. Im sure he can help.

Forgot to mention you might do an author search on his name as well in the library he has several articles on the topic.