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Shoulder Rehab?

I have been working on my damaged “Rotator Cuffs”, that’s right both have been injured.
After reading about strengthing the “Sub Scapularis” by doing push up w/feet elevated, I’ve been trying to include this in my workout. I already do internal/external RC and I have been doing some very lite medial deltoid work on a machine.
Since I’ve just reciently started doing a few push up, I use DB on an incline bench.
My question is: What is the diff between overhead db presses vs. the Hammer Strenth Front Military press machine?
I do db presses w/#25 12 reps. On the machine I can a lot more #70 7 reps.
I would think that I should work on my weakest lift, but does the Hammer machine do anything better than the overhead db presses?
At age 55 most of my workout “push/pull circut training” is rehab work. I just want the best bang for the buck on getting stronger.
TIA for any help.



You should check out the many articles on here that Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson have wrote in the past about rotator cuffs and training for them. just do a search and start the recovery process! Since both of your rotators have been injured, i’d also recommend you find a good ART practitioner in your area that can help to remove scar tissue so you will not re-injure the areas. Last but definitely not least, look for a good strength coach or really knowledgeable trainer near you to help you with your form.

My guess is you’ve trainer a lot over the years, but if your form or program design is off, the workouts were slowly breaking down your rotator cuffs. by program design, I mean, program balance. This is where you are doing exercises, reps, and set combos that will keep your muscles in balance with each other. I train a lot of older clientele in my area, and the biggest help i’ve been to them is with removing old injuries and then getting them in better shape and preventing any new injuries from happening.

Right now, you had a question about using Hammer Strength Front Military Presses vs. Overhead DB Presses… I’d say do neither right now till your rotators are fixed and healthier. No benching either. You’re priority is to rehab and fix the rotator cuff of BOTH arms, so i’d recommend that your upper body training reflect that. The faster you fix them, the sooner you get back into regular training. And to answer the question about the difference, DB presses will train your stabilizer muscles better than the Hammer Strength. There’s more to it than that, but that’s a simple answer that will hold up time and again. Good luck with the rehab!


Lou: My injuries come from Martial Arts. My last injury was over a year ago. I have been doing my circut for a long time and it still works for me.
I am at a point where getting stronger is now possible. None of my lifts hurt, but I do not go to failure for now.
I was very surprized that I could lift so much more on the Hammer machine? Benching w/bar doesn’t work for me, it hurts my shoulders and elbows. DB’s allow me a natural path for the weights to follow. I just want to make sure that I am not missing out by not using the Hammer machine.
Everything else is going good. I am trying to focus on my “weak link”. TIA


Lou: I already did my research on this forum. Where do you think I got the idea for doing my bench on an incline and extending/arching my back “scapularis” at the end? lol
I would like to talk w/Shoulder Savers author about the next step for me.