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Shoulder Rehab - Where to Start?


After reading Eric Cressey's "Shoulder Saver" articles, I'm convinced that I've been abusing my shoulders since the day I first started lifting. Now I'm 41 yrs. old and my shoulders have gotten weaker and weaker over the past several years and I always experience pain during and after a workout and have gotten to the point that I can't even bench anymore. I'm sure I've got some muscle imbalances and impingement going on in one shoulder at least (diagnosed once by an ortho back in my early 20's).

So, I'd like to start from square one and build a good foundation and muscle balance. Trouble is, I don't know where to start. I tried doing some "shoulder dislocates" stretches and that hurt....tried doing some light dumbbells and that hurt. I'm going to rest completely for a couple of weeks to let the inflamation go away, but then where should I start?


Cosgrove and Waterbury wrote a shoulder article a while back that had something you could use. Search Cosgrove's past articles.


This rehab protocol by Diesel Crew is good:

If some of the days fall on your normal training days, do what you normally do and then perform these exercises. It definitely helps.


this is the order you should approach it

tissue work ( foam rolling, massage etc) --> mobility work --> stretching ---> corrective exercises

without the tissue work you will be spinning wheels, as the tight fascia and trigger points will limit mobility and causes the msucles to function incorrectly.

some stuff to help you out and read this as well


This is exactly the kind of info. I've been looking for, guys. Thanks for the excellent responses.