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Shoulder Rehab Protocol


Was thinking of doing these.

Shoulder Rehab Protocol

2 minute shoulder warm-up:

  1. Has anyone tried any of these? If so, can you tell me whether it helped and why?
  2. Any problems? Replacement or deletion of exercises?
  3. When I do most of the stretching exercises such as the 'posterior capsule stretch' etc. my shoulders crack. Does this matter? Will it stop if I do more?


Note: No idea this forum existed, awesome.


Whether it has any problems for a person and whether it is the best option is largely dependent on their current issues. But generally, for a broad approach, the Diesel Crew shoulder warm ups/prehab programs are great as they address the common imbalances found amongst lifters/athletes. That being said, if I had an athlete who had significant anterior capsule laxity, I would prefer to avoid shoulder dislocations with a stick or with a band.

So I guess my shortened answer is: Yes it provides a great generalized program that will help the bulk of people, but adding and removing exercises may be needed based on each individuals needs and medical history.


I utilized the rehab for my rotators. I did the exercises that "felt" best to me. So I didn't exactly do the circuit as written. I don't remember what I did exactly but it worked. I do use the 2 minute shoulder warmup before every upper body session. It is as good as a warm up as I have ever used and it is very quick. I highly recommend it.


I use Joe DeFranco's shoulder warm up before every upper body day for my shoulders. I use the mini band and foam roller. I love it. Of course I had shoulder surgery 3 years ago and after that a person becomes a believer in stretching and flexibility if they didnt already. It only takes me like 5 minutes.