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Shoulder Rehab & Help


Hi All,

A couple of months ago, I was doing dips (the full movement... going fully down and then fully up) and after my 4 sets of the 6th rep or so, I heard a click/pop and a sudden pain in my left shoulder. I did not know what it was so I just continued.

When I got back to my home, it still started hurting, so I decided to layoff off it for a while. This pain continued with clicking/popping in my shoulder when I moved it. I could move my shoulder, but there was a dull, ache pain.

After 2 weeks or so, I felt the shoulder was better (there was still clicking & popping), but less pain due to ice, rest, and Advil, so I went to work on some do push-press. I on 3rd set of doing push-press with 135, my left shoulder became very stiff and I could not do anymore push-press. This stiffness coupled with the clicking/popping shoulder with the dull ache pain returned.

I took a 1-2 months off, fast-forward to now, my shoulder is a whole lot better. But I still have dull/ache pain in my shoulder coupled with clicking/popping whenever do movements with my shoulder as the breastroke in swimming & extending my arms out (laterally or upright) & rotating my arms during arm circles.

I really am in-between jobs right now, so I don't have solid health insurance. I have access to a weight room & local swimming pool.

I ask, for T-Nation members who have similar problems, what is your diagonsis of this problem? And what is the suggested rehab protocol & exercises I should follow to help rehab this? I would like to avoid any type of surgery, because I cannot afford it.

Thanks for any help.


You’re kidding, an online diagnosis?

Ok, you’ve dislocated a tendon, the supraspinatus…

Seriously, how can anyone diagnose you over the internet.

Go and get it looked at and ask about conservative treatment options.