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Shoulder Rehab for Slap Tears

I’ve noticed that something that has helped release tension tightness and pain in my front delt is 1) Stretching 2) Ice/heat combos 3) Lots of back work

Once I started hitting my back hard and realtively heavy I noticed a great deal of shoulder pain fading away. Also mornings are stiff so I find its best to get it over with and stretch 1st thing. I could be wrong but I think that after major shoulder repair once cleared by your Doc and PT would be a split like this
Back-Legs-Arms Repeat I would only stick with 2-3 chest exersise and go very light on back days also on Back and Arms days do your sholder rehab routine

Is it obvious that you had a SLAP tear, what are the symptoms?

Yes I had surgery to repair it 5 months ago I am post rehab at this point