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Shoulder Pumps??

I running 400mg of test c with some halotest-25 a buddy of mine gave me. The the halotest is being ran just for shits and giggles. Anyways, I’ve experienced lower back pumps before and even calf pumps with previous cycles, but this time around, Im getting some serious shoulder pumps. Anyone experience this before???

I’ve gotten shoulders pumps so bad that it hurts, but that was from dbol, not test or halo.

I like the shoulder pump specially during training. What I dislike it when it impacts biceps. Like RR, this occured due to dianabol use

next cycle will include some dbol, test and eq. I’ve noticed i get them when doing bicep work aswell. I like the way they look after training but a couple of times I’ve had to cut workouts short because they got pretty damn painful. I even get slight pumps when doing things around the house that have my hands over my head.

I actually noticed a nice strength increase withing a week after starting the halotest. Im running it the last 4 weeks of my cycle because I had to run such a low dose of test by itself. Up 18 pounds for far with 2 more weeks to go!

I’m on a test e/EQ cycle right now and I experienced these for the first time last week.

Happened at practice, we were doing loads of push ups and pushing up from the ground into sprints, etc. I could barely lift my shoulders after practice but they felt fine the next morning.