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Shoulder Problems...


I've never had any real shoulder problems before, and I train using a westside-inspired format (ME,RE,&DE days). Today, after a dynamic warm-up and some light footwork drills, I grabbed a set of 25 lb. DB's to start with to warm-up for a 5RM on DB Incline Press. I brought them down to my chest and I began pressing them up, a pain arose in back/top of my right shoulder (i dont know anything about anatomy so if someone could guess for me what this specifically is, that'd be helpful). I guess it all started this morning though, when I woke up and it was a bit sore for some reason. Which is especially strange since I haven't lifted since Friday afternoon. It hurts when externally rotating it or pressing with in most any plane.

Any advice?


i've been looking up the anatomy of it...

it appears to be the back part of the acromion? so is it impingement?


I do not know. But if it hurts, don't do it. You might try pressing with a neutral grip and see if that's okay. Just as a way of "getting through it" temporarily.



no, i can't really press.
Obviously, I'm not gonna do it if it hurts. I duobt its just going to go away with rest though so...


I wasn't suggesting that it'd go away with rest. What I meant was, that in the mean time, up until you find out what's wrong (which should be as soon as possible), you can subsitute it with neutral grip pressing as long as it doesn't cause pain. And as obvious as it may seem to you, many people will lift through the pain.



Sounds like an impingement. Do Y T W L work for your back and do it with some purpose. Do those exercises three times a week. Keep off of the pressing for awhile. Also do inverted rows where to lay on your back with your feet on a bench and pull yourself up to a bar. Sounds like you have week scapular retractors and depressors. Do the exercises slow and with purpose.


if youre going to quit make sure its because of joint pain not muscle burn


I already do these twice a week and have been doing them for the past few years. I start off every upper body workout with a YTWL circuit on a phsyioball or incline bench, followed by scapular work in the form of scapular pushups or hanging retractions. I go slow and with purpose...I like to be able to move my shoulders.

Also, it's definitely NOT muscle burn.


anyone else?