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Shoulder Problems.


Hi, I'm 19 years old, and I go to NCSU to start off. For some history: I've been lifting for about 3 years off and on, but fairly conistently in the past year. I've always noticed that my right shoulder would sometimes bother me doing weighted dips, and heavy benching. I think it is obviously because I didn't exercise my rotator cuff nearly enough.

I took a month off because the pain eventually got unbearable during lifts. After a month, I didnt feel it as much, but when I went back to lifting it is really bothering me now again. I'm trying to work through it now by doing light shoulder exercises, but I have no idea what to do and it's not getting better. Any advice would be appreciated.


There's this button on the top of the site that says "search". Use it.



Do the first phase in this article. I had (and still have to some extent), the same problems you have with dips and presses. I had been doing the routine for a few weeks before I got interrupted by CW's summer program, but I'm still going to try to fit it in, as it seems to be working. My DB bench seems fine, the shoulder press is a bit rough (though I hadn't done it in a very long time), but I won't go near dips yet!


I've used the search, but I just needed some advice for my specific problem... but thanks for the help man.


Thanks for the help wfifer, that website looks really helpful, I don't think I'll have the sort of time to get all of phase1 in, but its good to know that it can be fixecd through some therapy.


Have you seen a doctor or physiotherapist?


No, I never have done that, I always just talked to people about it, but never sought any professional advice. I don't wanna pay any money for some advice I can probably find free.


The fact that you're experiencing pain means that you're likely injured. I don't know how expensive it is for you to visit a doctor, but I think it might be worth the expenditure. You don't want to aggravate a possible injury. If I were you, I'd visit a doctor.


a doctor or physiotherapist will probably be slighltly less helpful than smashing your nuts with a hammer.


offers belligerent a hammer