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Shoulder problems

A few years ago I injured my shoulder, nothing serious, the ER doc said that I had strained the ligaments around my collar bone, and that I should just rest and let it heal. Since that time, I’ve never been able to approach heavy weights on the bench press. When I’m in the bottom position, it feels like my shoulder is about to tear off. I’ve tried Alessi’s shoulder stabilization program, and realized that I was unable to hold 20% body mass out in front of me for more than 30 sec. So I went through the workout cycle he recommends, and my time only increased by 5-6 seconds. Has anyone had a similar injury, and if so, how did you come back from it? I appreciate any help.

I had an AC separation in my right shoulder. The only thing I can tell you is that injury takes forever to feel right. Make all your phys. therapy appts, and take it slow. Its gonna take time and you don’t want to reinjure yourself. I spent six mos+ in physical threapy.
Good luck man.

Hi Paul Lee,
Sorry to hear of your shoulder problems. I can definetly relate, both of my shoulders have given me problems for years. Check out the FAQ part of T-mag issues, I believe that there is a question about shoulders and you can find a practitioner in your area that can help you. I live in Canada, so I can’t recommend anyone. I think the technique is called active release. Best of luck.