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Shoulder Problems

just wondering if anyone may have some advice on a shoulder issue. i initially injured my shoulder playing rugby 4years ago, i didnt realise the extent of the problem so left it for a year. went to the doc, scanned things and found out i had possibly dislocated it at the time and torn the ligaments so i ended up having a bankart repair.

since then i have tried physio, chiro to try and get it right but it just doesnt seem to be able to stabalise. I have been back for another scan and have been told its all stuck together fine.
i feel that in that year of waiting the whole right side of my body has just wasted away, and the three years since. i have problems with my hip (feels twisted), hamsting, abs on right side, the front of my throat is tight and its just a constant problem.

I have an awful lot of “clunking” in my shoulder and it wings alot. Is this just a really REALLY weak scapula problem, which is then causing alot of the other issues or could it be something else ?

it seems that whenever i set my scapula together, or try to, my right side twists around to support it all the time and i can feel this down my front into my right groin.
sorry its a long post but any help would be great.
thanks guys (and gals)
and if you need any more info on the problem just say, i have plenty,ha.
thanks again.

I have tried to attach a pic of the human body and just highlighted the areas i have problems with and a quick text on them as to the problem.