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Shoulder Problems With Pull-Ups?

Hi all, today while doing some pull ups with a close grip my left shoulder was making that crack noise kinda the same as when you crack your fingers. Do you think there is any major issue?
Thanks alot.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I used to have shoulder pain on the right side doing extra wide grip pull-ups. I’ve sinced switched to a closer grip and I haven’t experienced the same problem. Perhaps you could try switching your grips and maybe finding a more comfortable one.

You may find something useful in these:



Good luck.

How did this already get 5 stars?

My advice would be to look at the Neandertal no more series and make sure your shoulder flexibility is up to par. If it is, and it still clicks, it could be any number of things.

Does it click doing other stuff?

It clicks also if I do BBers style DB bench press, it’s okay since I’ve learned the PLers bench now.
as for the pull ups, yeah if I do them wide there is no pain.
thanks a lot for the answers.