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Shoulder Problem

I’m a high school football player (Left Tackle and D Tackle), and I have this recurring problem with both of my shoulders.

Sometimes, when I hit someone (with my hands, not shoulder pads) my shoulder gets a real strange jolt of pain in it instantly. It’s kind of like my arm is dead and it’s really hard to lift my arm and it hurts when I do. If I can get my arm moving around in circles, the pain and stiffness recede somewhat, but my shoulder hurts for a few days after if I lift it too high.
Also, it tends to make a lot of cracking and popping sounds for a while afterwards.

Any idea what this is? It usually happens during pass protection, but it has happened on defense and when I wrestled. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Sounds Like a tendon problem to me due to the instant Impact maybe even what is it proximal bicep tendon the one up high. I had killer shhoulder probs up till my biceps tendon blew then all pain in shoulder was gone, Who’d a thunk it.

Hard telling though bro Id get it looked at by a physician.