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Shoulder Problem

Hi all. I suffered a pretty bad shoulder injury a couple of years ago. I went to see an ART specialist and the pain subsided completely after about 10 sessions. Unfortunately, I re-injured my shoulder 1 year ago.

The injury episodes occurred under entirely different circumstances (in one, I was playing soccer and in another I was playfully running away from a friend before falling), and the pain from the second injury is very different from that of the first (although both injuries involved the same shoulder).

My problem is as follows. This latest shoulder issue is something that I can live with. I am a relatively strong guy (max bench 380, dead 500+ at bw 180 ht 6’), and I am able to do most exercises without any pain at all.

I continue to lift at high 1rm intensities. Yet I experience a great deal of pain when trying to do lateral raises and curls (especially one-handed db). I also have a litte pain when doing heavy cleans, yet this becomes unnoticeable after 1-2 sets. Perhaps strangely, shoulder presses and bench presses are entirely pain-free.

I was wondering if any of you have had similar symptoms and/or any suggestions for what I could do about it without seeing a doc/chiro (I recently graduated from college and have no health insurance for now). Please be as specific as possible. Thank you in advance for any input.