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Shoulder Problem

well I’m just wondering if there is anything else i can do for my shoulder…its really stunting my progress in the gym, and im getting discouraged. bench,pull-ups, and dips are basically out of the question…ive tried to db incline bench and thats been working a little bit…but my question is what can I do w/out doctor help…i have no insurance and i’m in college…is icing after i workout and supplementation w/ glucosamine/msm/ and fish oil about all i can ask for…and what about an anti-inflamatory?

What’s wrong with your shoulder? Seriously, you might want to call it quits for a while and just focus on cardio and stuff that’s not going to bother it.

Swimming is one of the only things out there that can fix some shoulder injuries, but it takes time. Continually taxing an already hurt area is going to possibly take you out of the game for life if you don’t let things heal properly now.

What’s your split look like and your workout – maybe someone can give you some insight as to why it’s happening.

my split

M: back/bi’s

W: quad’s/shoulders(for shoulders i’ve only been doing some rotator cuff work, and some iso movements like delt flyes and some front raises/lat raises)

F: chest/tri’s…(my chest ive been doing incline db)

Sat: Ham’s/calves

i also train BJJ tuesday’s and thursday’s…but ive been taking it real easy on the rolling

i just feel weak around the rotator cuff area…its sore, it could be from my long baseball career…which i did have a slight shoulder problem…i can work through it, other than chest days give me problems

Here’s a great article by Ian King -

Out of Kilter IV - Stopping Shoulder Pain Cold!

Yeah, you basically have to stop your current upper body program right now. Live to fight another day.

yeah i’ll check out that article…and try and take it easy for a little while…it seems only when i go heavy that it tends to bother me…and like i said only bothers me on heavy pressing movements…not during bb rows or deads or any other compound lifts…hmmm oh well we’ll see…its gonna be tough for me to take a few weeks off


I too have sholder pain under heavy horizontal loads. The doctor says its my AC joint. Apparently my clavicle is rubbing where it connects to my shoulder. It manifests itself as a sharp pain on the top of my shouldler (as opposed to an internal rotator pain). He prescribed physical therapy where they have assessed my posture as poor throughout the day as I sit at a desk. They have me stretching my lat, delt, and rotator cuff daily. I’ve also taken it easy and only performed 2 pressing movements a week. Oh yeah, ice the joint too. Don’t know if this is similar to your injury, but I thought I throw in what I’ve learned since I’ve gotten help from so many others here.