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Shoulder Problem(s)


Shoulder Problem(s)

I've had an underlying shoulder function issue(s) interfering with the bench for a little over a year now. The problem started by overtraining the bench and other barbell variations in May and June of last year. The symptom of the problem has been shoulder pain, which currently happens the day after benching. Since this time I've been doing various rotator cuff strengthening programs, gotten A.R.T and most recently done weighted push-ups.

The weighted push-ups have prevented most shoulder pain following the Max Effort Day for the bench. However, I still have pain for a few days after the Dynamic Effort bench press, with most of the pain starting the day after. However, I don't have pain following the dumbbell bench, push-ups or other tricep movements. Whatever this problem is continues to prevent the bench from increasing

Any advice would be appreciated