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Shoulder Problem (Bicep Tendon)

Hey, I’ve partially dislocated my shoulder a little over a year ago and I’m finally back to where I used to be and increasing. Just recently, with heavy weights, I’m feeling a strain in my shoulder area, I think it’s the bicep tendons. When doing close grip pulldowns, I feel a great strain in right shoulder(the injured one), from the top of the shoulder to the top of the bicep/tricep area. Feels like something is trying to bulg out. Also, when doing “clapper” pushups, when springing off the ground, I can feel the strain on both the left and right shoulders. This is concerning me, because I’m continually pushing myself to increase the weights and I’m lifting heavier then I ever did before. Any thoughts or suggestions?

sounds like rotator cuff pain from what you describe. A professional evaluation is needed before you risk further damage…

Thanks, I go to the doctors soon.
Anymore thoughts?

Please go see a Physical Therapist or a doctor… I strongly recommend Health South if there is one in your area. DoNot go to KESSLER they just give exercise to do and make you do it on your own at least Heath South watchs over you and makes sure you progress…