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Shoulder Prob. & Front Sqt?


I don’t know enough about anatomy to pinpoint the problem so I’ll describe the motions which bring about pain.

Lateral raises are a no go at the moment. Also, when I finish a set of Bulgarian Split Squats, after I put the dumbells down, the front of my shoulders hurt. If anyone has any idea of

a)What part of the shoulder is injured
b)Exercises to avoid (other than shoulder ones obviously)
c)Exercises to supplement the ones which I must cut out
d)Rehab measures
e)What part of incorrect front squat form would be the reason for this

I don’t expect any one person to answer all of them, but if you have any idea for just one of those points, I’d appreciate the reply.

Thank you,


Gently stretch the major muscles groups surrounding the shoulder girdle (do you know how to do this?) and precede all shoulder training with mobility drills (do you know any?)

Thanks for the reply,

No to both.