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Shoulder Pressing

CT, I’m coming back after a long hiatus off due to a partial tear of one of my rotator cuff muscles - the infraspinatus.

While undergoing physiotherapy, I was told that someone my age (over 40) should never do any pressing movements over the head (e.g. shoulder presses, push presses, etc.) due to the lack of muscle lasticity in someone my age as opposed to a 20-year old, not to mention the potential for shoulder injuries increase as we age.

Any truth whatsoever to this? I had never heard of either before.

Also, any ideas on some exercises that would hit the 4 rotator muscles and help build up their strength? I’d like to have a good base of support in there so I don’t run into the same long hiatus from the gym again…

Maybe the therapist is getting their information from studies/knowledge done on over 40 non trained individuals whose muscles, joints and general bodily health has been in decline for decades. Never is a poor choice of words most times. I’d say do what you want, but be smart about it. A once doctor told my wife all she had to do to help her knee muscles build back up was just do 100 bodyweight leg extensions per day…