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Shoulder Press

Who here can shoulder press their own bodyweight and/or your max? Now, it can be any press (i.e. seated front, behind the neck, dumbells), must be done in a controlled manner, full ROM (touch the clavicle if bar or delt if dumbell), grip width doesn’t matter, but no push presses or any form when the bar is accelerated before the actual press. Unfortunately I don’t know my max or if I can press my own bodyweight, but I use the 65 bells for sets of 8.

I can’t do them yet, but I can do 8 handstand pushups which are pretty fucking hard. I hope to get the ROM the same as a military press and really build my strength. There is no cheating with these! :slight_smile:

Used to be able to until I pertially dislocated my gleno-humeral and have had sloppy rotators ever since - not worth the risk of further injury - although I still seem to be able to press quite alot - shoulders are my best muscle group.

My shoulders are ok…I’ve done 210 for 4-5 reps before, although I’ve been only doing db’s lately, and only done 90’s for 4-5…so it doesn’t quite hit my 200 body weight…It’s not too impressive though…I work out with a fella who does 245 behind the neck for 4 easy sets of 10 reps…he doesn’t really even strain too much on the last set…I’d love to see him push himself…he just doesn’t care anymore though.

I have done 205lbs. not long ago. My body weight was (and is) 188lbs.

I can press about 170 overhead with a little leg dip for 3 reps at a bodyweight of around 180-185.

I can do a 1 arm clean and press with an 80 pond dumble for a triple.