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Shoulder Press vs. Bench Press


I am just about to start a max strength phase. I would like to get into powerlifting, but do not have a spotter. I was wondering it if it more beneficial for me to do a shoulder press (standing or seated) instead of the bench for safety reasons, or would i be better off using the hammer strength bench machine?



Im curious to hear which exercise people believe has more carryover, the hammer strength machine or the overhead press. When I was benching often I didnt feel a strong correlation to the overhead press. Is the converse true though that if you develop a strong overhead press your bench is likely to rise?


Well if the goal is power lifting you need to bench,

The standing overhead press in a great excersize but you need to BP to get good at BP.

Get in a power rack with pins. do floor presses, use JUST under maximal loads. ETC.


This is very good and effective advise. i was powerlifting without a partner for about 6 1/2 months, and the floor press is the best thing that happened to me.


bench press, just be more carefull not to go to failure.

Having a good training partner/spotter is a big help alot of the time but lots of people get strong as hell all by them selves