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Shoulder Posture

my shoulders are somewhat protracted foreward…I read everywhere that this is because the chest is stronger than the back…but im quite the opposite…I can at least pull up 3reps worth of my bench 1rm…could it be a matter of flexibility??? is there any tests i can do??

Similar problem to me.

I think it could be that the shoulder itself is too weak and so and so any shortening in the muscle in the chest has a greater effect.

It’s been a very slow progress figuring it all out. It took me 2 years for my chest to get weak enough and the back to get stronger to slowly put the shoulders back.

I have a thread here:

I want to combine:


The question is how do we apply what is written there to the shoulder?

Another thing to try is ARTs manipulation.
I wonder if Chinese massage by an expert rather than a quack might be a cheap thing to investigate - I have been very impressed and unimpressed with Chinese masseurs. One guy gave me the impression he had been studying for many years… one women… well… she wasn’t quite what I expected!

Let’s swap notes on what we find. Please reply on my thread as we have more activity there. This one might run for years but we’ll get there in the end


I was thinking maybe this sort of strengthening would help

That looks like a good move to do.

I’ve been adding overhead and rotator cuff

How are you getting on?