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Shoulder Popping/Slight Pain

Hey guys, I believe I injured my right shoulder while jerking the weight up on a lateral raise. If I hold my right arm in front of me, and pull back, like a lowering bench pressing motion, I get some popping and clicking. This also happens when I move it in a circular motion.

There isn’t much pain unless I put pressure on it above my head, like say pulling. It feels decent other than that. And I can use it just fine and get no pain with any other motion.

I’ve been taking it easy while lifting and avoiding direct shoulder work, and I ice it down every night. Something tells me it’s going to be a while before the pain completely goes away.

My question is would it be ok to lift as long as there isn’t any pain? Do I need to lay out for a while? I haven’t been to a Doc yet either.

Bench pressing, doesn’t seem to bother it along with plenty of other exercises.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback


How is your posture? More importantly how is the ROM in your right shoulder? If not and injury or abnormality, then most times it can be weak back/rear delt muscles. Some shoulder rehab work could help. Always best to seek a docs advise. Mabey BBB will chime in here…?

Uncle birdy will chime in here.

Ok buddy, try this; rest for 2 weeks, and then proceed with rotator cuff warm ups with bands and some shoulder mobility work. Then do 5 sets of 30-40 seconds of wall hand-stands. After 2 weeks of doing this, try lifting again.

Thank me later.

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