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Shoulder Popping Question


I'm working on my chin/pull-up's and find when I drop down to dead hang, that my left shoulder feels like something slips and pops. There is no pain and it doesn't pop during OVHD pressing or rows, just chins. Any ideas on what it could be, my flight surgeon is an idiot and gave me zero guidance, so I'm looking here for advice. Thanks


My elbow does this all the time, if its not painful it is probably a ligament that is out of place and the 'popping' is the ligament flicking across the joint in an abnormal manner, that said apart from sugery that would make that joint less strong, there is nothing that can be doen and you just have to live with it as it will not cause you any problems, maybe that joint will be more prone to artherits (sp?0 later but should be fine.

Thats the adice I have been given by a consultant about my elbow, if yor shoulder is painful get a second opinion