Shoulder Pain?

First off let me say that I alreay have an appointment with the sports doc…in about a week’s time I am going in (they are fully booked until then) but if the pain continues to progress I will go elsewhere for an immediate X-Ray/Ultrasound).

Some of you may know my previous shoulder woes. Started with impingment in left shoulder - sorted through physio, rehab and rest. Then had clavicle osteolysis in right shoulder - almost completely sorted (have surgery 3 months ago, currently unergoing rehab/recovery). Now a pain has come in my left shoulder which I have not felt before and really worrying me, wondering if anyone knows what it could possibly be:

  • pain is at the tip of the clavicle
  • does not feel like impingement pain, but not like osteolysis either
  • best way I can describe the pains: impingment felt like pain in tendons/ligament themselves; osteolysis felt like pain INSIDE the bone; but the new pain is ON the bone (feel more external than osteolysis).
  • it feels like a BURNING SENSATION on the bone; at the edge of the scapula/joint.
  • came about roughly 3 days ago (may be unrelated but major cold front hit here, temps dropped from about 25 to 10). I have been doing nothing stressful, just rehab work (stretches and bandwork) at home daily and very light weights work 3x/week at gym (from biokineticist to tend to scapula winging)
  • pain has kept me up for past two nights, very unusual for me

Any idea what it could potentially be? The distinctive thing is the BURNING feeling in the bone. It ebbs and flows between being a very localised pain and a marginally localised pain surrounding the edge of the shoulder joint. It does not extend into the upper arm, nor into the chest, neck or collarbone.



I have read about various injuries (other than those I have already dealt with) and the only thing which seems like a possibility is bursitis. Anyone here who has had this? Did you also have a ‘burning’ sensation in the shoulder joint? It changes every few hours from being a very localised burning feeling to a more general but still fairly localised ache.