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Shoulder Pain


I'm in the middle of a 5x5 program, and was doing my One Arm Dumbell Rows w/ 70's the other night. Only made it through the 4 set. My left shoulder is killing me when I get to the bottom of the motion. The pain is on the inside front of my shoulder. Should I take a few days off, or is this just normal to some extent or another?



No, that's not normal.

Go see a doctor about it.


Check out this article:
I'm no expert but if its the teres minor or infraspinatus giving you the trouble you might have to scale back those weights and do some pre-hab work. The rotator cuff is like an angry gangster; don't treat it with respect and it'll mess you up.


You may be extending your arm too far. When I over extend my dumbbell rows, especially if it is heavy I put a rib out.Be careful with that shoulder. Good Luck