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Shoulder Pain

Has anyone else expeirenced shoulder pain after doing upright rows and/or clean ‘n’ jerks?


This exercise holds the arms internally rotated with the palms locked in pronation (palms down). At the top of the lift the head of the humerous (large upper arm bone) is pushed forward, which pinches the bursa (a sac in the shoulder which reduces friction between the tendons and bones). I wouldn’t recommend the movement at all.

That’s definitely an old school iron grind type of exercise. Everyone I know who uses it ends up with some sort of pain. I agree with fusion. Not good but I wouldn’t totally cancel it out forever. My reason: powerlifting wise…the upright row (partial one) is part of a power clean (great exercise for power, and strength). Therefore it does have a useful purpose.

I posted a thread last week about a similar thing but mine was mostly declines and power cleans at high reps. Since then I have noticed some weakness in the shoulder on the side that was bothering me, but not much pain when doing lower reps. I am planning on seeing a doctor, and all the advice I got was basically to see a doctor. Good luck.